The Poster.
100% made by me.


My first try.

My second time.


Fourth and still ugly.

5th time. TVXQ and EXO 

Urm, sixth time?

My favourite cause it's TVXQ!

Also one of my favourite 

Kaisoo ! I ship them. This poster is just for fun okay ? 
It doesn't mean that they're gay ==''

Yeah, ugly. I know.

Random xD I'm bored at that time so I made it leisurely.

I've made this for TVXQ 9th Anniversary ;D




I'm bored so I made this.

There's no title for this cause I don't have 
any idea for the title.

No title too.

Simple but ouhh, loving this xD

She go by the name CL of 2NE1.

I don't even know how did I do this.

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